Who I Am


I began engineering at age 16, when I started running sound at my church in Oxford, NC. It worked out perfectly, as I was someone who could never sit still in the pews. That experience led me to engineering school, where I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Audio Engineering and Production from Living Arts College. From then until now, I've worked in every space imaginable, from small churches to large, from world class studios to home studios. I believe my experience through all this has given me some invaluable knowledge I hope to share with you all.


Even in my teenage years, if ever I learned something that one of my friends didn't know, I got fulfillment out of being able to teach them what I'd learned. That translated over into college, where I spent all of my free time learning all I could about audio, and then trying to help my fellow classmates if ever they had questions. I even applied to be a teacher after graduation! After coming to my current position, I figured what better way to teach those beginning in audio, and even some who are experienced, than through YouTube and my personal website. And being a teacher means you're also always a student, so hopefully we can learn new things together!

Man of God

I've been blessed enough to spend my entire life at church. I began engineering at church, and things came full circle when I landed my position as Multi-Media Specialist at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church, running sound! I believe that The Lord has blessed me with all of my experiences with audio, and meant for me to share them with you all!

Recent Video - Spicy Sundays Flip

Hey everyone! This week I uploaded my first production video, flipping MG The Future & CMP's Spicy Sunday Sample Pack. I hope you all get something out of this!